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Companion voiceover presentation to the Oct 16, 2017
press release on the Mel Diamond discovery. PDF Version

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North Arrow’s diamond exploration programs are conducted under the direction of President and CEO, Ken Armstrong, a Qualified Person under NI 43-101. Mr. Armstrong has reviewed and approved all information posted on this page that is of a scientific or technical nature.


Location:  Melville Peninsula, Nunavut
Size: 7,500 hectares on six claims
Ownership: 100% North Arrow
Stage: Prospecting, ground geophysics and drilling
Closest Infrastructure:  18 km from tidewater; 140 km south of the hamlet of Hall Beach; 210 km northeast of the hamlet of Naujaat (formerly Repulse Bay).



The Mel Project consists of approximately 7,500 hectares on six claims on the Melville Peninsula, approximately 140 km south of the community of Hall Beach and 210 km northeast of the community of Naujaat (Repulse Bay) which is also the location of North Arrow's Naujaat (Qilalugaq) Diamond Project. The property is located within 20 km of tidewater and hosts two areas with kimberlite indicator mineral "KIM" trains originally defined from over 500 till samples recorded in public assessment files. The mineral trains are composed of pyrope and eclogitic garnets, as well as ilmenite. An airborne magnetic survey of the property was completed in 2013 and infill and up-ice till sampling has been conducted in short summer programs from 2013 to 2016. 

227 till samples were collected in 2015 which, when processed led to the announcement on April 5, 2016 of very high counts of pyrope and eclogitic garnet indicators in multiple till samples suggesting close proximity to the source kimberlite on the North Train.  North Arrow followed up in July of 2016 with two days of till sampling collecting an additional 111 till samples which successfully established cut-off areas for three to five unique indicator trains within the North Train which was announced on February 8, 2017.  A press release companion presentation is available here as a pdf or as a YouTube presentation (with voice over).  

A prospecting and ground geophysics program focussed on the source areas defined within the North Train is planned for summer 2017.  Drilling permits have been received with drilling currently planned for the spring of 2018.  

North Arrow’s interest in the property is subject to a 1% gross overriding royalty, one half of which  (0.5%) can be purchase at any time for $1 million.

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